To start learning any Martial Art in modern times is a completely different prospect to what it was in the past. In years gone by you may have been faced with a choice between a mysterious sounding kung-fu studio or a local Cobra-Kai imitator. Each with a line of twelve year olds wearing black belts and no way of knowing what you should study. Now, we have the internet. Now we know what works, and we know what doesn’t. From the chaos of the early UFC events, where martial artists from multiple disciplines first fought against each other in honest combat, a new form of fighting evolved. Now we have MMA, Mixed Martial Arts.

MMA is concerned only with the techniques that work, those can be taught, drilled, practiced and tested. Taking and combining techniques from Olympic disciplines such as Boxing, Wrestling or Judo along with other arts that have been live tested over generations of training, competition and sparring like Muay Thai, Kickboxing or BJJ, MMA is the ultimate combat sport.

This is why, if you’ve ever wanted to train in the martial arts, or just learn to fight and defend yourself, it just doesn’t makes sense for that training to be in anything If you have ever wanted to try a striking art like muay thai, or a grappling art like BJJ or Wrestling, but didn’t have a clue which was the best thing to do, then surely you should just try all of them?