To explain the history of BJJ is to explain the evolution of fighting. By reinventing the infamous no-holds barred Vale-Tudo style matches they fought in Brazil as the televised Ultimate Fighting Championships in the US, the Gracie family sent a shockwave through the martial arts community.

In winning these first UFC events with ease, Royce Gracie exposed many of the traditional martial arts as inefficient or ineffective. Their instructors at best deluded, at worst, frauds.  A new style of fighting was dominating in these early tournaments in dramatic style, the world had been introduced to Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.

BJJ is concerned with defeating an opponent not by punching or kicking him into unconsciousness, but using technical and efficient grappling techniques that force him to submit.

Our main BJJ instructor is Fight Hub head coach Reiss Jones. Reiss is a purple belt under Dave Briggs, who supports the club and drops by to take sessions and share his knowledge on a regular basis. Reiss’ credentials speak for themselves, he has medalled at multiple British Championships in both gi and no gi divisions, along with successfully using his submissions in the cage in MMA. We are a BJJ Globetrotters affiliate, which basically means we don’t care for martial arts politics, anyone from anywhere will be welcomed onto our mats. We hold multiple sessions throughout the week in both gi and no-gi, with dedicated classes for more competition-focused training and rolling (the BJJ version of sparring).

All lesson times can be found on the timetable page.